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Roddick Is Proof Of Hard Work

Posted Oct 29, 2010 by Shaun Edwards

Roddick is proof of what a work ethic can do for you

Some athletes are just blessed with God-given talent: they seem to excel in their profession without even really making that much effort.  You know that they train hard, but you get the sense that even if they didn’t they’d just win everything anyway.  Andy Roddick, whilst obviously talented, isn’t like that. 

The US Open winner in 2003 hasn’t obtained a grand slam since that time, and has openly admitted that he wasn’t sure whether he had any of his best form left.  

Having participated in an absolutely heart-breaking loss to Roger Federer in the 2009 Wimbledon final, in which Roddick suffered the unfortunate fact of knowing that he’d just lost despite having played the match of his life, Roddick has continued to work hard at trying to re-obtain that elusive second grand slam.

It’s remarkable for a millionaire athlete married to one of the most beautiful women in the world, but Roddick exhibits a big resemblance to a working class salt-of-the-earth guy who understands exactly what it takes to be the best.  Following his Open success at the age of 21, he understood that whilst his massive serve and huge forehand had gotten him one trophy it was unlikely to sustain a long career.

It’s unfortunate in a way that Roddick has come into the era at which the level required for greatness has hugely increased, with both the most prodigiously gifted player as well as the finest clay player in history making their mark at the same time.  In any other generation, Roddick’s massive work ethic would have obtained him far more grand slams than he has.

Speaking on his impeccable work ethic, Roddick noted that he gets ‘insane guilt’ if he doesn’t feel he’s done ‘everything’ he can at the end of the day, noting an uneasy feeling if he feels he could have done something better.

We journalists often praise gifts, but in the world of tennis, true consistency and high standards is something to be praised, and Andy Roddick is the only man apart from Roger Federer to have finished amongst the top ten for the last eight years: high praise indeed.

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