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Wozniacki Has A Way To Go

Posted Oct 26, 2010 by Shaun Edwards

Wozniacki has a way to go

I should probably note that I have no problem with Caroline Wozniacki: her movement around a tennis court is superb, and her ground strokes are fantastic.  However, there is no getting round the fact that her current world ranking of number one female player in the world is just not a reflection on the ability of Wozniacki or the number two Serena Williams.


The truth is that the young Danish number one would just not be in the position that she is if it wasn’t for the fact that Serena Williams plays a lot, lot less tennis than she does.  Wozniacki is similar to Jelena Jankovic in that her number one ranking is not based on her grand slam record, but on the fact that she has been remarkably consistent on the WTA tour.


Serena Williams, however, hasn’t actually played since the Wimbledon tournament because of a serious cut to her foot on a piece of glass.  The rather obvious truth is that had that particularly sharp bit of glass not been where it was, that Serena would still be the women’s number one having competed more in what is a part-time season anyway.


With Serena having confessed that her season has now finished, and this gives the other female players the opportunity to also climb up the ladder.  However, whilst it might do them good in terms of exposure, it does little for the women’s game in terms of credibility, with only Venus’ schedule rivalling her sister’s in terms of laxity.  It does mean that the sisters extend their longevity in grand slam tournaments, but it means that the rankings are just not a fair reflection of ability.


One of the most damning statements regarding Wozniacki’s year was that the press release from the WTA itself boasted that the Dane had reached at least the fourth round of every major championship in 2010.  Whilst it’s not a bad achievement, it’s not something that a world number one should really be happy with. 


For anyone asking who the real number one is, answer me this question: would Serena Williams be contented with two fourth rounds, a quarter final and a semi final?



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