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We talk you through some of the most popular tennis books of now

Posted Apr 20, 2011 by Shaun Edwards

101 incredible moments in tennis

Summer seems to have arrived early here in the UK so it seems an appropriate time to review a couple of the top tennis books out there at the moment. Some of these will help brush up your game, others are just great sun-lounger reading.

101 incredible moments of tennis

Reading this took me back to 1989 when Michael Chang, just 17 years old at the time, worked his way through the French Open to the fourth round and beat three-times champion Ivan Lendl.

This book is basically a compilation of some of the incredible moments in the game throughout the history of the sport. It is nicely split up into short chapters focusing on one event at the time making it the perfect book to pick up and put down whilst relaxing on the beach or sipping a glass of wine in the garden.

50 mental strategies for fearless performance

It is often said that a game of tennis is one of the mind – the winner has the determination, hunger and more importantly the right frame of mind.

This book examines why it is human to have problems between body and mind and why it is essential you are at your best both physically and mentally if you want to step up your game – it offers a number of different ways you can do this.

Written by Jeff Greenwald, former world number one, it really does provide some great insights. It is a little on the long side and at time a little complex but I am confident it will greatly improve my game as a result.

Play better tennis in two hours

I was a little sceptical when I glanced at the title because quite often these ‘magic bullet’ books offer little in the way of depth and are meant for the ‘dreamer’ looking to get themselves to Wimbledon with little or no work.

However, I was pleasantly surprised when I read this book. It offers a wealth of information and very informative tutorials that genuinely help improve my game. Instead of looking at traditional stances for tennis coaching, it shows you how to play like the pros, simplifying the methods tennis royalty use to win matches and then helping you translate these moves into your game.

An excellent read and one you’ll probably end up putting down each time you read a great tip and head out to the court to try and put it into practice.

You know you’re a tennis fanatic when…

This is a short compendium of tennis quotes and humour. Suitable as a gift perhaps (probably secret santa) but not a suggested read as much of the content is quite generic and if you are a true fanatic then you are likely to be unimpressed.

The Tennis Drill Book

This is an extensive manual featuring over 240 drills to help improve your tennis match. Unless you are dead-set on devouring the whole thing, my recommendation would be to focus on a few exercises to start with and attempt these rather than suffering all 245 drills otherwise you risk losing interest because I must admit after the first couple it begins to feel like reading instructions to an Ikea wardrobe – even if you are a tennis fan.

My suggestion is to flick through the contents and make a note of areas of your game you’d like to improve on and then pick out the relevant drills, that is certainly how I extracted maximum value out of the tennis drill book.

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