Tennis Surgery Tip

Backhand - two

Beginners are encouraged to learn to play shots on the backhand side with two hands.

The two-handed backhand grip gives extra strength and control than a one-handed grip, especially for junior players.

It is also easier to hit top spin.

On the downside, it gives you less reach and you need more time to prepare than with a single-handed shot.

So it is important if you use a two-handed backhand that you also develop a one-handed slice as another option.

The simplest way to form the doubled-handed grip is to hold the racquet with your favoured hand in the shake-hands forehand grip, then add the other hand with another forehand grip.

Once you have mastered that, start to nudge your right hand more onto the top of the grip.

This will allow you to hit with more power and spin.

Your hands should be bunched up against each other, but not overlapping.

Courtesy BBC Sport Academy

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