Tennis Surgery Drill

Short Ball Feast

This drill is to help players hit winners off of their opponent's shots that land short.

Grab a bucket of balls and set one player up at the center of the service line and you feed them balls from the other side of the court. Feed the ball so they land short and the other player is able to step in and hit hard winners. Continue feeding the player short balls until they are tired and then switch roles. Be sure to feed balls to both sides of the player.

The better the player the further back you can have them start and the deeper you can hit the short shots. For beginners the service line is a good place to start. For advanced players just inside the baseline is a good place to start. This will allow both skill levels to step into the ball and be on the offensive.

This is one of my favorite drills because you can really come out swinging hard. But remember, the best shots are not always the hardest hit. Make sure you can hit the ball into the corners consistently. You can easily hit a winner from this position hitting 70-80% as hard as you can depending on the situation.


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